Friday, November 1, 2019

Multi-frequency Impedance System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multi-frequency Impedance System - Essay Example Molecules. In hemolyzed blood, red blood cells (RBC) are disrupted , so with their intracellular material that being is discharged into the liquid. Thus, the electrical properties of the blood and the haemolyzed blood are basically very different. Whole blood presents , and dispersion, however, almost no dispersion (Schwan, 1983). RBCs are not good conductors of electrical current in a low frequency range as compared with the plasma or extracellular medium which surrounds them. 5. To avoid sedimentation effects, two terminal experiment setup which will included a horizontal cylinder measurement cell design shall be employed. The cylinder measurement cell design basically will allow laminar blood flow. Other than the cylinder, sophisticated instrument may also be used; 6. The TAS system will be very significant instruments in the experimental process and shares with the multi-frequency system which is developed by Oh, et al (2006). These instruments include: PC with USB port, TAS software, intra-network controller, main controller with USB interface, multiple ammeters, constant sinusoidal voltage source, hand-held electrode, switches, scan probe of electrodes, and dc power supply. .

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