Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Main Idea and Purpose for Shooting an Elephant by Orwell Essay

The main idea of the story Shooting an Elephant by Orwell is the effect of the oppressor is not only on the oppressed, simply himself. There are several evidences plant in the text to support the main idea. First, the author mentioned about the intercession of a European woman gets when she went to bazaars alone. This explained the freedom of security had been taken away. Since European had colonized Burma at that time, there was growing plague toward European. Freedom to symbolise also been seize when the narrator was expected to land an elephant even its not in his wiliness.In the story, Orwell had an inner struggle whether to kill the elephant or not. He taught that if the elephant were kept alive, it worth at least a degree Celsius pound. However, if it were shot dead, its tusks only going to worth about five pounds. Moreover, he anthropomorphized the elephant by referring it to he. He said, It seems to be that it would be murder to shoot him. (519) Plus, a life had been k illed needs to be considered and there would be possibilities that the elephant result escape again, causing damage to the village. These reasons made Orwell to question his decision.Another pivotal reasoning that drones the narrator to open fire is his identity as an imperialistic that control fellow Burmese. If he did not kill the elephant as the villagers expected, he would be viewed as a coward. This will further affect efforts to compel law and coded in Burma. The narrator also described, I perceived in this moment that when the white man turns tyrant it is his own freedom that he destroy, to show an imperialist had to control or act as what had been expected. These break up an oppressor would be affected when taking control of others. The purpose of the text is to school people on the consequences of ones act.The author presented his story with hatred and fed up tones as he described how sick he was to serve the Empire. Next, he gave a metaphorical explanation on how he w as set to react. He compared himself to a hollow posing dummy stylized figure of a sahib. Like an actor on stage, he force to do what was expected by the natives or audiences. In the story, the elephant also agree the Empire power. As he shot the elephant, its body just neutered but did not fall. After several shot, it fell to the ground. The elephant was dying but not dead. This resembled the Empire diminishing power over Burma.

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