Friday, October 18, 2019

Fashion Cultures- Future Catwalk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Fashion Cultures- Future Catwalk - Essay Example The essay "Fashion Cultures- Future Catwalk" discovers the future catwalk in fashion. The social dynamics that prevails in every human population presents subsequent changes in cultural values like practices and beliefs. Dynamics in the ancient societies depicted changes in typical values like beliefs and medieval practices. However, the modern and the postmodern societies go through dynamics in the aspect of fashion and life styles. The shift in fashion pillars in the social scene signifies the changes in practices and values of generations. It is important to note that, we can evaluate the aspect of fashion as a mark of social dynamic and the elements involved during social dynamics in the road of fashion. Fashion is the basic element of lifestyle in every society. In the social context, fashion means the latest trends in the cultural values and practices prevailing in any given social setting. Fashion marks the evolution and changes of the society in conformity with the prevailing trends and life styles postulated by the reference groups. Reference groups in the society tend to set new or modified standards that define the appropriate styles and fashion values. These trends are meant to be adopted by members of any society at any given time. The actual aspect of fashion materializes in the society through clothing items used by people in that society. These clothing items include foot ware, body accessories, and clothes. In the modern world, the aspect of fashion has been implicitly incorporated.

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