Saturday, October 5, 2019

Intercultural communication( this is the course I'm studying, not the Assignment - 1

Intercultural communication( this is the course I'm studying, not the topic) - Assignment Example On my arrival, I noticed I did not know anyone and all those in attendance were Chinese and I do not know even know a single Spanish word. I knew this was going to be very hard for me because of the language barrier. All eyes were on me and I felt even more uncomfortable. I knew everyone expected me to introduce myself since I looked just out place. I did not know if responding with a nod would be considered disrespectful, but it was my only option. I had seen in Chinese movies that when they greeted each other they bowed as a sign of respect, I was going to collaborate with nodding with hopes of not embarrassing myself. Finally, someone came to the door and introduced herself to me in Chinese I nodded and I bowed slightly. She bowed too, and asked me to come in, in English. I felt so relieved and I explained to her that I did not know Chinese. She laughed and told me that I was in luck that she was there since no one else in the family spoke English. She explained to me that when she introduces me to the mourners it is respectful to stand up, smile, and look at them with ease and after the introduction; I could shake hands (Kao, 9). She introduced me as her cousin’s friend and explained that I did not know Chinese or anything to do with their culture. They looked at me with smiley faces with some even giggling and this made feel very much at ease. After the service, I took time to talk to her and she told me a few things about her culture including how to use chopsticks. I regretted not taking an interest to learn the language or even to know how to say hi when my friend was still alive. I learnt a lot at that burial and it created an interest to study the Chinese language. I in return taught them a few things about our culture and our food. I realized that there is always something new and interesting in other cultures. If people would take more time to learn about each

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