Thursday, June 13, 2019

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business Plan - Essay ExampleHe considered todays emerging potential for retail business and the guest orientation towards buy a product after seeing, touching and try them. The firm has found potential huge for its product to sell. The main advantage is the down town city location that could fetch good customers for its productBuster initially has an objective to expand its business operations by starting one more refreshing submit after duly considering the cost of expansion, available labour, customers etc and to own a chain of 10-15 stores in downtown office building. It is planned to increase the sales by minimum 15 percent against the present sales of $1, 50,000 to $3, 00,000 and revenue by 20-25 percent. He has a plan of delivery of products at home points after cardinal years of its operation in the new location to boost the sales and build the client base further.The expansion programme requires the new investment amounting to $20200. He is investing only $3000 out of his savings and rest of the investment is mobilized in the form of bank (long and short term credit), sundry creditors and finance creditors. The new store needs more inventories, computer, printer, Fax, and a Phone to make it more efficient and profitable. Jones employs two workers considering their professional outlook in managing retail stores, their qualification and their attitude for adjusting to the ever-changing environment.Though there are big retail shops offering varied products in the location, but there is no threat for customers visiting Busters. There are few such small retail stores offering similar products in the vicinity posing competition. But he did not consider it seriously as competition since there is growth of retail business at a rapid pace. However this competition can be managed adapting to value based customer service and ensuring customer delight. Jones vast experience in doing this

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