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Reducing Video games with Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reducing image games with Children - Essay ExampleThe repetition and consistency of the violent games, such as Death Race, Mortal Combat and Doom, that include respect system is effective tool of learning how to behave. No wonder, children who enjoy playing violent games atomic number 18 said to be able to commit violent crimes in future, thus, increasing the number of violent people in society. Excessive playing of video games isolates children from normal social life, as well as does not dedicate any date for doing home excogitate or sporting. Video games are believed to give children wrong values, such as violent behavior, vengeance and unmotivated aggression, since these are rewarded (Gardner, 2012). Video games seem not to entertain good values such as negotiation, nonviolent solutions and portrayal of women as weaker and sexually provocative beings. Children playing video games are not able to differentiate between realism and fantasy. playacting video games may also aff ect academic performance of a child because just intimately of the time is taken on video games. Students may even skip their homework to play games as well as taking lots of time arguing with their tutors and their friends. Video games played online are said to make children imitate terrible languages and behaviors in real life, which does not make communication any easier. acting video games further damages long time concentration of children and may have bad effects on kids health. ... Counter-argument However, there are some positive effects of video games that should also be addressed. Video games assist in exercising the brain of the kids due to the skills and tactics required to succeed the games. These skills and tactics require high level thinking which is not taught in schools. The mental skills acquired while playing video games include problem solving skills, mall coordination and fine motor and spatial skills. Other skills acquired are accuracy, quick thinking, and situational awareness, development of reading skills, perseverance, pattern recognition and inductive reasoning. Playing video games may give bonding between the parent and the kid especially games that are attractive to kids and adults. This may make a parent learn new and hidden things about a child. Kids enjoy learning through video games because of the interactivity and animations used, thus, motivating the kid to keep on practicing. Video games aid children in developing creativity skills. Playing video games improve the decision making process in children. These games help people in making choices. These games are also believed to enhance self authorization and self esteem since the levels of games are adjustable starting from the easy one to the most challenging ones. Video games played by several players help kids to work cooperatively by listening to other peoples ideas. Moreover, playing video games is much better compared to other immoral behaviors such as doing drugs and imbibing alcohol (Nauert, 2013). Response to Counter-arguments Due to the advantages obtained from playing video games, a kid should be closely monitored on the kind of

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