Thursday, August 29, 2019

Develop a consumer behaviour report to be submitted to the M.D of a Essay

Develop a consumer behaviour report to be submitted to the M.D of a fashion clothing brand of your choice to outline the key issues facing the company in terms - Essay Example The Armani brand has a diverse appeal because it has line catering for special groups. Some of these consumers include the mature classy kind, young trendy consumers, children, wealthy and middle income consumers. The fashion industry is a competitive industry. There are a number of industries that could be viewed as Armani’s competitors. Some of these include; Christian Dior who has received acclamation for depth in his designs, Yves Saint Laurent has received acclamation for modernity in their designs, in 2006 they incorporated Asian themes in their clothing lines. Gucci received an award for being the highest selling brand from Italy in the year 2006. Gucci has acquired a reputation in the music industry by securing a market there. Gucci also made smoking tuxedos last fall. The clothing line is located all over the world. This implies that there is a wide client base for the company. Economies in those countries are improving and the need for clothes has increased. This means that the market is quite receptive at this moment. It is highly valued in Hollywood and fashion generally. It earns three billion euros to prove this point. It has a number of challenges that include: overstretching the line by venturing into too many products, having a strong personality behind the line- he may pass away and leave the brand hanging; it also has too many lines that may appear as if they are offering the same products. Armani Collezioni: this is the second most expensive clothing line in the Armani brand. This product focuses on the more mature consumer who is not looking for ‘hip’ clothes but prefers classy ones. The line is sold in various high profile department stores like David Jones and Harvey Nichols. Emporio Armani: this clothing line focuses on younger consumers. It offers a variety of trendy wear like jeans and t-shirts. It is an intermediate line that is not too expensive or too available either. It is found in boutiques and departmental

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