Sunday, August 11, 2019

Individuals with disabilities education act Assignment

Individuals with disabilities education act - Assignment Example Inclusion does not merely mean to make children with disabilities participate in the general education setting; instead, it means that all students are being treated as active members of the learning environment where they can make decisions about the utilization of appropriate institutional setting with fair access and self-respect. Natalie must also be included in the fair and respectful inclusive educational practices so that she may feel that she is not being disadvantaged by any means. Providing her with a sense of self-respect will boost her individual competencies, and she will better be able to meet her individual needs as mentioned in her IEP. This can only be achieved if she will be provided with all sorts of environmental modifications in her neighboring school where her sisters are also studying. She will feel secure in this setting, and will better be able to respond to the learning process. It is a main suggestion in IDEA that children with disabilities should be provid ed with appropriate environmental modifications in their neighboring schools. These modifications include considering general physical education class as first placement option, relevant modification of equipment, and involvement of the support personnel in implementing the equipment in the most beneficial way possible. Natalie’s IEP document must be reviewed regularly so as to ensure her inclusion in the general physical education program. Natalie’s individual needs must also be assessed so that she may be able to achieve the aims and objectives mentioned in her IEP.

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