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Subsidized in the city Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Subsidized in the city - Essay Example Parents have pampered their children beyond imagination, they give their children credit cards which spoils them, they have the liberty to spend money on anything and everything that they like, entering adulthood in the real sense is no walk in the park, it comes with a lot of responsibilities which one must understand and fulfill, earning a substantial amount is extremely important, without that it is very difficult to survive in today’s world. The accommodation has become so expensive; the standard of living has gone up by manifolds and there are several other expenditures which one must take care of to be able to live a happy life. Above all there one should have self-respect, parents will always come to rescue their children but one must start drawing a line, becoming financially independent is extremely important these days, children should not only become financially independent but they should also help and support their parents in any which way plausible. Adults these days are not interested in changing their lifestyle, they are aware of the fact that they cannot refrain from going to posh places, shopping, watching movies so on and so forth, they should change their lifestyle and seek no help from their parents, an adult who is financially dependent has no respect and to earn respect one must refrain from spending excessively, parents who pay for their children after they become adults should completely stop helping them, they should try their best to make their children financially independent and they should also ensure that no money should be spent on their vices, adults have several vices these days, several adults are hooked on to drugs, alcohol and what not, parents must keep a strict check on all these vices which are more than capable of ruining one’s life. â€Å"There is something to be said for writing that rent check each month and knowing you've managed to live comfortably on your own terms. Racking up $500 shopping sprees on Mommy and Daddy's credit card may have its momentary allure, but the adult part of me believes that working for what you have is much more rewarding than being handed it on a silver platter. And I have my own mom and dad to thank for that.† (Subsidized in the City) Overspending is a major concern, adults should completely stop blowing up the hard-earned money of their parents on useless activities, they must keep a check on their spending only then will they become adults in the real sense otherwise they are just a bunch of over aged children who fail to understand what is expected of them. It is also important to understand the feelings of parents’, though they hardly say anything, deep down they know that they are spoiling the future of their children and making them overly dependent which is not good at all. Conclusion There is no counter argument possible on this topic, adults must manage their own expenses, they must also understand that their parents will not be around forever to keep helping them out, they must earn well and spend smartly, spending on useless things is hardly going to help them. It is high time for adults to realize their responsibility, they should be making their parents proud, and instead they are busy spending their hard-earned money. Spending money is perhaps the easiest job but earning it requires a lot of hard-work and dedication. The article is a well written; it comprehensively presents how

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