Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Challenging disability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Challenging disability - Essay Example The challenge which is presented is based on defining the idea of disability from a social perspective, as well as how this can change the perception of the abilities one has. Medical Model and Definitions of Disability The traditional perception of disability is one which is defined by the social capacities one has as well as the experiences which one goes through. According to Crow, the concept of disability is one which is limited, specifically because of the definition of disability that is interpreted within society. The main focus is that one who is disabled has gone through a personal tragedy, specifically which leads to disadvantages, oppression of opportunities and impairments that don’t allow for the same experiences of life to be a part of what one needs. The problem which occurs is one which is based on the medical model of disability, specifically which is interpreted in society as a social context which impairs one from life experiences (Crow, 1996). The definiti ons of disability are one which is defined specifically through a medical application. One who has impairment has a loss of psychological, physical or anatomical structures or functions. One who has a disability is restricted or has a lack of performance of activities, specifically which relates to an impairment. ... Crow shows that the medical model is one which doesn’t align with the social model, which creates the attitude that the individual who is suffering from impairment can’t overcome the difficulty or struggle. Instead, the impairment creates a lack or loss in all activities that one can do within a given environment (Crow, 1996). The main challenge which Crow shows with the concept of disability are that the social stigma surrounding a handicap means that an individual is incapable of everything. For instance, if one has impairment with hearing, then this leads to the inability of all functions both mentally and physically and eliminates the individual from activities that are within society. The experiences which one has differ from the social stigma which has arisen around the concept of disability. The assumptions that are made within society then create a stereotype of the experiences and ideals which are based around the handicapped and impaired. This leads to a belie f that the quality of life that one has who is impaired is limited in experience. However, those who are disabled may not have the limited experience or restrictions which others in society have labeled them with (Crow, 1996). Social Context of Disability The main stereotypes which are taken with the terms of disability are furthered by the ways in which society responds to the given labels which are created outside of medical terms. The first stigma which is created is one which leads to a sense of oppression. When one believes that an individual is disabled, then there is a perspective that this means all the functions and abilities of the individual are limited. The response is to oppress those who are in this state, such as not providing the same

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