Monday, September 9, 2019

My walk with ecology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My walk with ecology - Essay Example My favorite form of outdoor activity is walking. I live in the urban city of concrete jungles with skyscrapers blocking out the sunlight. I miss the beauty of natural scenery. I have seen how man has destroyed his natural environment and upset the ecology of nature and man. Industrialization brought along deforestation to make way for human habitats and agriculture. The increased burning of fossil fuels increased the release of greenhouse gasses and the sum total effect has led to global warming. My thesis is that Man needs to reconnect with nature to help preserve ecology. The simplest and most direct way of reconnecting to nature is by walking through the rural countryside. It is one of the best ways of observing nature and appreciating the great diversity of life forms and the ecology. I believe that when Man comes to self-realization on his close relationship with nature, he will value it and refrain from participating in activities that would harm the balance of our ecology. I c hoose walking on foot to go sight seeing and explore nature because any other artificial mode of transport would burn fossil fuels and harm the environment with the emission of toxic waste gasses. When I walk at my own leisurely pace, I get to observe nature at work, play and rest. I think walking is the best way to get close to nature. Fenton recommended walking as a cheap and easy way to maintain health, effect weight loss and stay fit. We can kill two birds with one stone by taking up walking for health reasons as well as to observe nature. Fenton said that; 'Walking is not only better for your spirit, mood, and body, it's better for your whole community. Trust walking.' (Fenton 5). Walking does wonder for you while conserving the ecology. Walking is a cheap form of exercise. You just need a pair of comfortable walking shoes and thick socks to cushion your feet against blisters. The writer Werner recommended carrying a backpack for your basic essentials like a map, compass, a quart of water for every miles of walk, tissue and toilet paper, refuse / trash bag, raincoat / poncho, protective clothing against the cold and wet, energy snack foods and cell phone. (Werner 4). These are for a day walk. If you are walking at night, you need additional equipment like a flashlight with extra batteries, flares, insect repellant, and maybe a walking stick. If you are a photography and nature enthusiast, bring your camera and binoculars. If you are creatively inclined, bring along a notebook or sketch pad. The beauty of nature might inspire you to write or draw something. It is safer to prepare for emergencies in the event of being caught up in some unfavorable weather. A beginner should start walking during the day and on familiar terrain. One should take caution and plan a walk with a realistic distance as a goal in mind. I would keep in mind to let the people around me know my intentions just in case if I don't make it back in time, they would know to send out a search party for me! Walkers often choose routes to cut across natural terrain. I like the opportunity to breathe in fresh air, unpolluted by traffic. Sometimes, I see the traffic along the established paths and it is ugly traffic. Litter left behind by humans is detrimental. The wild animals do not know better than to ingest litter and this poses a health risk to them. Human food is not suitable for animals. Non-degradable refuse like plastic is an eyesore and dangerous when innocent animals ingest them. I would not have known about the effects of litter if I had not come across piles of them in my walks. They spoil the natural beauty of the landscape. This brings up the use of the trash bag in my backpack. Every walker should be responsible for keeping their own trash out of the natural environment. Waste items should be deposited in the trash bag and carried out of the natural

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