Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Computer Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Computer Security - Essay Example The network also makes it possible to share resources like printers and hard drives. This therefore reduces costs for of having to buy these resources. Proposed client-tier architecture The application architecture that I better and promises better security is that of 3-tier architecture. In this aspect the server will be installed in a data center with the server of the server program. Three-tier architecture has various layers with various functions. 3-tier architecture. The 3-tier client/server architecture was introduced to eradicate the problems that were associated with 2-tier architecture. With this architecture, a middleware lies between the server and the client. They are implemented in several ways, which include implementation as a message server, or application server or processing monitors. The functions of the middleware are queuing, execution of applications, staging of the databases, and prioritization for work in progress (Wegner, & Peter, 2007). This architecture im proves performance when the number of users is increased. It has the advantage of flexibility when compared to 2-tier architecture. One of the downsides of this architecture is the fact that the development is more complex than that of 2-tier applications. There are two types of 3-tier architectures 3-tier with message server In this type of 3-tier architecture, the messages are processed and prioritized asynchronously. This is done in such a way that the messages have a header which contains priority information, address and identification number. The message server provides a link to the relational database management system and other sources of data. Messaging systems are good alternatives to wireless infrastructures (Gorit, Dreoh, & Jeri, 2006). This architecture allows the main body of an application to run on a shared host instead on running on the his machine which is already overloaded due to its minimal resources (Rabaugh et al, 2001). The application server shares the sect ions of the business logic, computational and data retrieval engine. The good thing about this architecture is the fact that applications are scalable compared to 3-tier with message server. Furthermore, the installation costs are less on a single server compared to a situation where maintenance is done on each of the client machines. In the payroll program, the users will be configured so that they can access the server which is installed in a central location. The reason why I prefer this architecture is that one application program will be acquired and the rest will be in the server machine. It will be cheaper. The cost will be reduced in terms of purchasing the software that will be installed. This is because in this case one application software will be purchased which will be installed in the server. Given the many users who are going to use the program, it will mean that the applications would be bought for every user who will be required to use the payroll program. Another c ause for reduction of cost is that of maintenance. With this architecture, there will be maintenance of the server machine only. Maintaining one application is easier and cheaper in terms of expertise who will undertake the maintenance (Orfali, Dan, & Jeri, 2006). How to prevent interception There are mitigation strategies that are used to eradicate the risks that are associated with interception attacks. For spoofing and ARP poisoning, one way on which this can be mitigated is by using IP addresses which are static. Also the network administrator should make use of ARP

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