Thursday, September 26, 2019

How Effective Is Drug Abuse Resistance Education Essay

How Effective Is Drug Abuse Resistance Education - Essay Example From this paper it is clear that the researchers found out that the effect of drug use behavior after the implementation of DARE core curriculum ranged .00 to .11 across the eight studies that were included in the study. The mean was .06. The authors also found out that DARE effect size was the one that produced substantially smaller means compared to other interventions emphasizing on social and general competencies. The practical significance of these findings is that they suggest that the effect of DARE’s core curriculum on the use of drugs relative to drug education is slight and insignificant except in the case of tobacco use. However, this does not mean that DARE’s core curriculum is not effective. Rather, it might be because it is used among elementary children who mostly do not use drugs.This study highlights that the authors considered all the relevant studies as they conducted a search of other studies on the use of DARE’s core curriculum an also conduc ted a primary research for the study. The consideration of these aspects helped the authors reach the conclusion presented in the study, which helps establish the credibility and validity of the study.  The authors have discussed the relevant limitations of the study. For instance, they acknowledge that there have been few studies on the use of DARE’s core curriculum.  The study fits with other research on the subject because it clearly refers to the acknowledging the fact that they are few, thereby contributing to the growth of research on the subject.

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