Monday, May 6, 2019

Answers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Answers - Assignment ExampleCan you explain how the 10 Commandments teach about relationships? The last teach codes teach about relationships by promoting obedience, loyalty, faithfulness and paying attention. The fifth commandment talks about honor and obedience to parents who are also elders. This cultivates severe relationships between parents and their children with a call of longer conduct as the reward. The sixth commandment teaches respect for life. By not murdering other people, safe enough relationships are promoted and maintained. The seventh commandment ensures that institutions of marriage are maintained and preserved by preventing out-of-marriage affairs and respect for spouses. On the other hand, the eighth commandment teaches about living peacefully with others and not stealing their property. This enhances good relationships among neighbors and community members. The ninth commandment states you shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. In wishing t o this commandment, people are warned against making false accusations against others which would otherwise lead to unnecessary tension, fights and conflict. According to the tenth commandment, good relationships are promoted by the teaching against coveting your neighbors house, wife, male or female servants, and the neighbors property. ... Can you name the key dates in Jewish history that fit into salvation history? In the beginning, the creation of divinity was good but evil crept in and so God decided to conform to the world with flood. However, he salvaged Noah and his relatives. When Israelites were held as slaves, God used Moses to deliver them from Egypt. As the Israelites were headed to Canaan, God made a covenant with them at Mount. Sinai Can you explain how these moments in history shaped their experience and understanding of God? Such moments strengthened the faith of man and made them understand that God was a faithful virtuoso and true to his word. They understood th at no matter what challenge they would go through, he would eventually deliver them because he does not forsake his own people. Three stages of gospel formation Stage 1- Jesus actual life Jesus was actually alive, told numerous parables, performed miracles, crucified, died and lived again. Stage 2-Oral tradition The apostles preached that Jesus was the messiah, they baptized and the church began. Stage 3- piece of the gospel Paul wrote the earliest letters which are now in the New Testament and after own other gospels were written. Mark What is the feeling of Marks gospel and wherefore? The heart of Marks gospel is to display the divinity and humanity of jesus. The reason for his gospel was to be read in the assembly of Christians rather than be made private. What is the Messianic Secret, in which gospel is it found and why does Jesus talk with his disciples about it? Messianic secret is found in the gospel of Mark. It explains how Jesus wanted to have his identity hidden from his enemies whereby he asks his disciples to be silent on his mission on earth. This was to line up that his mission to be

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