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Health Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health Law - Essay eccentricThese errors usu every(prenominal)y occur due to the fact that nothing was done to prevent their occurrences or there was an default or mere negligence. Nonetheless, these checkup malpractices ar usually punishable by medical examination malpractice laws. Therefore, this paper aims at analyzing the application of these laws including how and where they have been applied. Finally, the essay will analyze the challenges that hinder effective application of the medical malpractice laws. The primary(prenominal) intent of the application of the medical malpractice laws is to ensure that the affected role in question is compensated following the ordeals of the medical practices. However, it is worth noting these laws and their applications usually differ significantly. Different countries and states usually apply these laws differently. Therefore, it worth for the medical practitioners to understand the kinds of laws they ar liable to in cases they commi t atrocities to their patients. Nonetheless, it should also be noted that doctors and or hospitals as well as health c ar professional are usually never liable to all harms that a patient may suffer while undertaking medical treatment. The only cases when the hospitals and medical practitioners are liable to malpractice laws are when the healthcare provided to a patient is substance. Therefore, these laws tend to determine the competence of doctors and practices they might have not taken not to harm the patient. Medical malpractices are usually expensive to the medical professions and medical institutions. Additionally, most of the clock medical malpractices lead to time wastage especially during legal battle between the patient and the medical practitioner or the institution (Johnson, Sloan, and Kimbrough, 2009). The malpractices are expensive in the sense that whenever a patient win such(prenominal) cases, the medical institutions are often required to compensate the customer d early of all the damaged as determine and spelled by the court. Add2itionally, the malpractices are expensive on all the involved parties since it will involvement of medical laws to help in determining or defending the involved accusations. On the other hand, the medical malpractices are time consuming particularly on the medical practitioners time since they the law requires them to be present at the court to answer to the accusation of the patient. Other than laws of determining the malpractices within the health care systems, there are malpractices reforms laws that have been proposed by the policy makers to reduce occurrences of malpractices within the medical institution. The carrying into action or the need of implementation of these reforms has increased in the insurance rates. This is because the policy implementer will be sourced outside the medical sectors and they need to be budgeted for. Therefore, it would be appropriate for the medical practitioners to provide their patients with required quality Medicare among other health care charge requirements. It should be noted that despite the positive intension of the proper and accurate of medical services and perplexity to the patients, the availability and applications as well as the adjustment of medical malpractices laws and reforms have since attracted mixed reactions among nearly all the medical stakeholders. Some medical stakeholders think that application of the malpractice laws and

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