Saturday, May 25, 2019

Study Guide for Final Exam – Criminal Law

Concepts of Criminal Law AJ-320 Study Guide Final Exam generalise rules relating to self vindication, when can force be used, how much? examine a perfect or imperfect defense. Understand affirmative defenses and burden of proof. Understand imminent danger. Understand the Castle doctrine. Understand defense of the cartilage. Understand the Choice of Evils (general principle of necessity) defense and when it can be used. Understand the consent defense. Understand the irresistible impulse rule.Understand the diminished capacity defense. Understand the juvenile court waiver. Understand the entrapment defense. Understand the concept of complicity. Understand the elements of being an accomplice. Understand the differences between the common law and modern approaches. Understand the concept of accessory-after-the-fact. Understand what vicarious liability is based on. Understand what a strict liability crime involves. Understand what traditional parental responsibility is based on.What a re incipient crimes? How was common law attempt recognized? What are the elements of the Model Penal Code approach to an attempt? Understand the difference between legal and real impossibility. What is the unilateral approach to modern conspiracy statutes? How does a party abandon an attempt? Understand the difference between a wheel and chain conspiracy. Which was the set-back state (1794) to split murder into two degrees? Which early common law, which felons were subjected to the death penalty?What is bifurcation as it relates to capital homicide cases? What is the objective reasonable person test in voluntary manslaughter? Understand the differences between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. What are the elements of a criminal homicide? What is the most famous case relating to Corporate Homicide? Know the following cases domain v. Harold Fish (2009), People v. John Gray et al. (1991, People v. Goetz (1986), State v. Thomas (1997) Read the glossaries for Chapters Five thr ough Nine.

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