Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The importance and value of crossing of disciplinary and artistic Assignment

The importance and value of crossing of disciplinary and artistic borders - Assignment ensampleAs seen in the interview, this is not anew strategy beca exercise it has been in use for a long snip now. Its invention, as evidenced in the artists argument really revolutionized art. By combining the elements of handed-down art to the new found media, the artist managed to produce amazing oil color colour portraits, an aura that played a very significant role in making art to be perceived to be having a political influence in the society. However, for this kind of artwork to be fitly made, a proper weft of the sturdy foundation should be made for all the layers included in the artwork.Indeed, mixed media art is a noble idea because it has lots of benefits to the artists and consumers of artwork. Its first advantage is that it is const-friendly. As compared to the traditional art, mixed media art is a very cheap initiative as it does not have many expenses. Since it is not restricte d to the use of only one particular medium, the artist is free to choose to use a variety of objects including newspapers, oil paint, clothes, sculpture, textile, ink, pieces of wood, graphite or household glue. All of these do not necessarily need to be bought because a large number of them like newspapers and pieces of wood can be easily found and collected from the fast environment.Besides, mixed media art can be utilize in expressing political views. Over the years, art has been used as a very powerful tool in politics. As indicated in the article, the use of oil portraits played a very significant role in the political scene. By combining indiscriminately found objects and traditional media, the artist managed to create appealing portraits for Margaret Thatcher. This is a clear indication that a proper use of mixed media can greatly help in the political engagement of art. It makes it easier for art to go beyond political borders by creating a political content in them.Lastl y, mixed art is more than aesthetic and

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