Saturday, May 4, 2019

Discussion posting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

treatment posting - Essay ExampleUsing social networking is just star of the ways companies can exercises their HR practices as well as marketing and new(prenominal) activities of the company. It however should not restrict them using other advertising channels and mediums and rely solely on social networking if they are to pound better and different results in future. Not every individual is on social media sites especi everyy the older generation. If they are to get not only diverse customers but also diversify their target customers and expand their market, they will work to consider different factors such as the age of their customers or potential customers and what news medium to each one of the target group fancies or is complacent with and then incorporate all this information. Even when they use newspapers and magazines in addition to the social media sites, connectivity will still be achieved at the end of the day as all the requests and results are handled by one or two departments in the organization which can then meld all the information into one pool.My company is a technology firm and their target is mostly the youthfulness people even though once in a while the older generation above 40 years of age may be interested in the different forms of technology and they be in possession of to be incorporated as well. Majority of the marketing and recruitment is carried out through the social media sites in particular facebook and twitter as those are the two social media platforms with the highest followings in the nation. The company has advertised in facebook and when one colligates their facebook group, they are provided in depth information including the career and internship opportunities, tender offers as well as gross revenue on certain technological items the company manufactures.Individuals in the group can also invite their friends to join the group and there are rewards if an individual recruits many people to join and

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