Friday, July 26, 2019

Ethnography of Food Pantry Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ethnography of Food Pantry - Personal Statement Example It was the 24th of March, and we had an appointment with one of the leading food pantry in our locality. We wanted to observe and research about a number of things which were going on there. Charles mumbled a total of twenty minutes as a given allowance, as he sensed that I was still in bed. In about fifteen minutes, I had already arrived at Angel’s coffee shop where we were all supposed to meet before we officially left for the appointment which was in the next two hours. You could tell from the anxiety on people’s faces that nobody wanted to be late. After a short meeting headed by our group supervisor, Ernest, we headed one of our school vans and in about ten minutes, we had our van parked in front of â€Å"St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry† where we were meant to visit. I loved the color on the billboard; blue my favorite color ever since I was a toddler. I have spent over fifteen years in America, and I have been seeing this building as long as I can remember, but I have never taken my time to find out what really happens at the food pantry organization and how it works. I had a very mutual and exciting feeling as I walked in the organization. An exciting sensation kept tickling down my spine every time the thought of being a volunteer rang in my mind. My eyes fell on a number of benches and on them were several goods. This confirmed my happy feeling. There was a man who later introduced himself to us as Bob, who couldn’t keep his eyes off us. Surprisingly, he was the one who was waiting for us. As we approached, his firm stare turned into a soothing smile which made people’s hearts to feel at ease whenever we were with him. We introduced ourselves and immediately embarked on what we had come to do in the food pantry. It was a good experience seeing so many people young and old working together for the good of all in the working area. An equal amount of different foods were being in plastic bags. At the end of the line, there was a big heap of already packed foods waiting for the clients to come and pick them up. The different types of foods included pasta, tomato sauce, canned corn, vegetables, Mac-and-cheese and chocolates. There was no trace of protein in the packages. As we made our way into different rooms of the pantry foods, we came into the store room where there was a bid heap of donated food. He said that they had stayed there for long, and nobody wanted them. This was really surprising. We were then taken to a room with different sizes of fridges and in it was meat, both white and red. He requested two of us to remain behind so that they could pack the chicken in the polythene bags as it is done when packing food for the food pantry clients. Kevin and Alex volunteered to remain and do the tedious assignment. Kevin later confessed how frozen his hands felt when he was handling the meat. On the further corner was another fridge full of red meat and bread. They had been donated by different donors including organization and had come with different packages. Bob wanted them to have a similar type of package and requested three of us to work on it. I thought this was the place. The group supervisor, Ernest, Charles and I found ourselves working together. We were putting two packs of meat in every plastic bag. It seemed to be very easy to be a volunteer. I must confess that it was a little bit cold but what I was

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