Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft maintenance Research Paper

Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft maintenance - Research Paper Example The base of the popular airline is in Jeddah. The airline operated both international and domestic flights to more than ninety destinations in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. The international and domestic flights are mainly operated during the Hajj and Ramadan season. The major operation base of the airline is at the JED (Jeddah-King Abdulaziz Airport). The Dammam airport, one of the major hubs of the airline was established for commercial use in the year 1999. During the time of Dammam establishment, Dhahran International Airport was in use, but has since been turned into a military base. The airline is a recognized Arab Air Carriers Organization member. It was at one time the regions largest carrier, but following the establishment and development of some other airlines and airports, it has moved down to be the third largest since the year 2006, behind Etihad Airways and the Emirates. Function of Aircraft maintenance in the Airline The department of aircraft m aintenance in the airlines helps in supporting naval operations by the conservation of aircraft and the associated SE to the delegated maintenance level. Since all the activities of maintenance have similarities in administration, operation and mission, we find that these sections have standardized administration and organization (Mirghani, 1996). The department of maintenance helps to improve: Training and performance of maintenance personnel; maintenance efficiency and integrity for all material; equipment, system readiness and aircraft; safety; planning and scheduling of maintenance work; materials and maintenance manpower usage; end product’s end quality; Accomplishment and maintenance of combat readiness; and consistency in case of personnel or aircraft transfer between commands. All the stakeholders or parties involved in the tasks of maintenance work toward a common goal; that is ensuring that the above areas are achieved. They work under the process of management cont rol used in the department of aircraft maintenance organization. Saudi Arabian Airlines has vowed to maintain high standards of performance in all of its Saudi Airlines have endeavoured to maintain high performance standards in all features of its operation all through the year. The prompt or on-time index of performance is a key criteria of the industry that airlines strive to raise, and the Saudi Arabian Airlines usually struggles to meet the standard. Within the 1993 to 2002 period, about eight hundred and nine thousand, six hundred and twenty six flights operated successfully with an average time departure of about 90%. The airlines currently own 139 aircrafts. This includes the most advanced and latest large jets that are available in the market. Aircraft service and maintenance, punctuality and safety, are the airline’s top priority (Mirghani, 1996). The airlines utilize Information Systems to promote efficiency and productivity. Since it is the Middle East’s lar gest carrier for cargo and passengers, the airlines is also the oldest in the region. Undertake of base and line maintenance The Civil Aviation Kingdom of Saudi Arabia General Authority approved the PIA Maintenance and Engineering to carryout the line maintenance and base maintenance of the Saudi Arabian Airlines (PIA to undertake maintenance of Saudi Airlines aircraft, 2011). The activities

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