Saturday, July 27, 2019

Research Methods - Public Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Research Methods - Public Health - Essay Example Ohio is one of those places where we can find health disparities at a significant level. Studies indicate that the Appalachian adults in Ohio are more exposed to health disparity issues than their peers in other regions. Health disparities related to the environmental exposure pose a double injustice in terms of unequal exposure and unequal access to adequate health care. Health disparities, in general, mean that the burden of disease or environments that cause disease are mostly felt or experienced by some and not all populations. In the United States (US), health disparities are attributed to several factors including: lack of access to healthcare, socioeconomic status or educational background (Moeller, 2005). We look at health disparities from the angle of environmental health. Effects of health disparities are dismal because they include limited or no health insurance at all, which, in turn, prevents them from having access to adequate healthcare and related resources. This is a significant public health challenge which needs to be addressed by effective interventions. This  Abbreviated Quantitative Research Plan (AQRP) is aimed and directed at policy makers at local and federal levels; with the aim of addressing health issues related to industrial manufacturing sites located in residential areas. The plan is also directed towards health services, federal and local public health agencies, companies with polluting businesses and other interested stakeholders. The plan explores the study’s purposes, design, methodology and other aspects of a credible research (Creswell, 2006). According to Moeller (2005), The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990, â€Å"was made into national policy to assure that pollution is prevented or reduced at its source, recycled or treated in an environmentally safe manner, and disposed of or released into the environment only as a last resort† (p.362). Evidence of improvements on human health, especially to

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