Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Toyota Production and Marketing Plan Assignment

The Toyota Production and Marketing Plan - Assignment Example An organization’s internal marketing and a production function affects virtually all organizational activities. The motor vehicle industry in the United States of America is one of the main contributors to the country’s economic success, creating over 600,000 jobs per year. One of the universally known motor vehicle manufacturers in the country is Toyota Company. The company has instituted a well-organized and managed network that transforms separated parts and raw materials into fully functioning vehicles. The network entails the identification and financing of raw materials, promotion activities, management and distribution of the finished products to the end users (Toyota’s U.S, 2011). The Toyota Company also works hand in hand with other firms that have the business of producing motor vehicle parts, sales, and final vehicle assembly. Referring to the International Trade Commission, in the production of Toyota vehicles, the United States Toyota company imports motor vehicle parts worth over $ 77 million per year. However, the amount is projected to increase within the coming years. Tires and brakes is some of the highly-imported vehicle parts by the company in the production of a fully functional Toyota vehicle. ... Japan is currently the leading exporter of drive train components into the Toyota Company. Mexico on the other hand has dominated the supply of Toyota vehicle interior components including seats parts and wiring harnesses. Mexico’s supplies into the company are preferred due to its sensitive labor costs. To necessitate efficient and timely production and marketing of Toyota vehicles in the global market, the United States of America Toyota company has created an exceptionally productive Just-In-Time strategy. The strategy aims at ensuring that, raw materials and other essential components are delivered to the company instantly and at the right time. This has reduced tremendously time wastage in the production process. It is also significant to note that, most of the vehicles manufactured by the company are sometimes not meant for the global market. Additionally, to be relevant and competitive in the global market, Toyota Company has also established manufacturing plants in som e of its major regional and global markets. Initially, the United States of America’s Toyota primary market was in Europe and the United States of America. However, the company has in the recent past expanded its markets into other countries including South Korea, China, and in Africa, forcing it to open manufacturing plants to the identified countries. The absence of industry-wide standards has forced the Toyota Company to have a worldwide customization of Toyota vehicles in global market. In these cases, the company gives its customers the choice to specify a particular vehicle model. The customization is in most cases done either through online services

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