Sunday, April 21, 2019

A critical review of an academic article in which ideas about learning Essay

A circumstantial review of an academic article in which ideas about learning relevant to the module are discussed - Essay ExampleResearch on MI has spread like wildfire, criti blazon outy dissecting every bung and application.Basically, Gardner claims that intelligence is not limited to the cognitive domain, as traditionally conceptualized. He views it in a more than broader sense to include the individuals affective, social and creative domains. He has come up with a number of intelligences a soulfulness possesses within him, as followsLinguistic intelligence this has to do with how a person uses words to express himself well verbally or in print. Some people just bring on a natural flair for speaking or writing and keep their audience in care of the language they use and how it influences them. This intelligence is exhibited by motivational speakers, preachers, orators, writers and journalists.Logical mathematical intelligence this is what is usually analyze by cognitive p sychologists and educators, how the mind works with logic, reasoning and mathematical accuracy. This is very much related to critical thinking and analytical skills. Gardner calls it the traditional scholastic intelligence which was given too much focus in schools and intelligence tests.Musical intelligence this is the ability to create, perform and appreciate music. Gardner rates this equivalent to the other intelligences and refuses to call them mere talents, relegated less than intelligence. This is exhibited by composers, musicians, singers and musical critics or reviewers.Spatial intelligence this is the capacity to visualize and narrow how things will turn out from the way it was planned, and to accurately estimate space allocations. Such intelligence is displayed by architects, artists, photographers, aviators, navigators and surgeons.Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence This is the ability to solve problems, express nonpareilself or achieve a lot of goals using ones body. No t everyone can be as limber and well-coordinated in doing so, unlike dancers, actors, mime artists, athletes and

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