Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mental Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Mental wellness - Essay ExampleTo sidereal day, doctors are able to treat and manage all these intellectual conditions ( posterior 2010). According to Hind (2010, p.536) these amiable problems affect all individuals regardless of their gender, religion, age, income, race, or social status. The beliefs that people hold about mental illnesses are non true. Such beliefs include personal weaknesses as the cause of mental illnesses, poor rearing as the cause, and lack of character as the cause of mental illness (Hind 2010). Moreover, mental illnesses are treatable, and those diagnosed with heavy ones actively participate in a treatment plan that is done individually, to relieve symptoms of their illness (Lisa 2014, p. 97).The feelings, thoughts, and behaviours of a person can also be influenced by a mental wellness problem, but not to a greater extent as the mental illness. Stresses of life can lead to mental health problems, which are common and temporary. Mental illnesses are more severe than mental health problems, although mental health problems if not dealt with early might lead to mental illnesses.Not only does people who experience mental illnesses suffer a lot, but also their friends, children and relatives suffer a lot (Lyndall 2003, p. 154). Moreover, the problems associated with these kinds of illnesses tend to increase day by day. The World Health Organization suggests that by the year 2020, mental illness like opinion will be among the biggest health problems.Depressive and anxiety disorders are widespread mental illnesses. Every individual experiences intense feelings of fear, sadness, or fear at times. However, when these feelings become overwhelming and disturbing in a way that make out with daily activities becomes difficult, then that person is suffering from a mental illness. Relationships for such people become labored to maintain, coping with work becomes difficult, and leisure time becomes

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