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Shakespeares Twelfth Night | Analysis

Shakespe atomic number 18s Twelfth Night summaryWilliam Shakespeares Twelfth Night, is a rich comedy delving into the innate hu military man desire for fill out. Shakespeare uses these vitrines merely as vessels for a larger insight into society as a whole. No person wants what they give the bounce truly have, but rather, what they can non. Shakespeare conveys a cryptic depiction of coquet where his characters are masochists and shows how bask can blind and act so impulsively to satisfy an innate charter. By ending of the mash with 3 weddings Shakes pear sends the comments that have it off has no boundaries.When the reader is first introduced to Duke Orinso, he is account statement the first time he laid eyes upon the chick Olivia. with the use of language, the Duke speaks of a love that he wishes he could be full of and die away, If music be the food of love, play on crap me excess of it, that, surfeiting The appetite whitethorn sicken, and so die ( d all(prenomina l)y I, I, 1-3). The Dukes case matchms to be self indulgent, and gains revelment from organism overdramatic. From the on mint of the play, he gives hit the impression that he knows he forget neer obtain the love of Olivia, but he get laids wallowing in self pity, and encouraging others to be tender-hearted to his situation as well. In a separate speech, the Duke refers to his desires for Olivia as my desires, same evil and cruel hounds, Eer since pursue me (Act I, I, 20-24). It seems as grandgh love or butterfly for him is a game, rather than an emotion to be taken seriously. throughout the rest of the play, his pursuance of Olivia never ceases, and at one point the sluice threatens to kill his consume handmaid Cesario because of Olivias mistaken thinking that Cesario was the man she had just married. With that threat from the Duke, this comedy could have potentially been turned to tragedy. The Duke never once elaborates on the finer vox populis for Olivia, he merely pines over her in a superficial way, and had Olivia given in to his persistence, the Duke would have gained a prize wife, just someone pretty to look at. Only when Cesario revels himself as a woman, Viola, does the Duke show the capacity to love someone he has had a deeper birth with than just looks. With this ends his masochistic ways of loving someone who go away never love him back, but it says nothing for the sometimes transparent emotions the Duke has.Another character that falls deeply into a self satisfying love contact is Countess Olivia. Olivia is blinded by love she and ignores the evidence that points to Cesario as actually not being whom he says he is, and over looks the possibility that Cesario might be a female despite his lack of masculine features. Olivia justifies his feminine features as a eunuch and is will to fall in love with Cesario. Olivia finale to fall in love with a eunuch despite wise(p) she wont be able to have children enforces shows how that she i s willing to regulate the boundaries of society for confessedly love.She describes love as something that comes upon her unexpectedly and out of nowhere, non too fast soft, soft unless the masters were the man. How now? Even so quickly may one contain the plague? (Act I, V .282 -284). by means of the next few acts she schemes to obtain the love of Cesario, a measly servant rather than giving her love to the Duke or Sir Andrew to retain the power she has being the woman of the house. It is heavy(p) to take the character of Olivia seriously when we first let her in such(prenominal) despair that she doesnt want to be seen by any man other than her servant Malvolio and her uncle, then in an bit she can turn to giving her love away to a younger, dismay class servant that she barely knows.Shakespeares creativity of the foil mingled with the sayings loves is blind and Sebastians mistaken veil as being Cesario, Olivia disregards Sebastian comments astir(predicate) being a strang er ignoring him and insisting that he is the man she fell in love with So comes it, lady, you have been mistook But nature to her prepossess drew in that. You would have been contracted to a maid Nor are you therein, by my bearing, deceived, You are betrothd both(prenominal) to a maid and man Act (V, I, 2460). The feeling of true love is so strong with in Olivia that she is will to accept a complete stranger to fill him that gap that true love meant. When Viola raveled herself, the reaction of Olivia is very calm for she has married the disguise that she has fallen in love with. Olivia crosses the bounce of basic society set of getting to know some one before get married that person. In the end of the play, both Olivia and Orinso end up content, but this is mainly because they marry the man and woman versions of the same person.Viola who was only trying to reckon refuge from a shipwrecked, disguises herself as a young boy. Viola is left-hand(a) alone and must look to her o wn resourcefulness to secure her safety. shroud me what I am, and be my aid/ for such disguise as accidentally shall become/ the form of my intent. Ill serve this duke (Act I, II, 49-51).Violas disguise soon turns into a dilemma, while falling in love with Orsino she innocently becomes the object of pump of Olivia, the woman she is suppose to help fall in love with Orsino. Orsino looks prehistorical the disguise of Cesario and falls in love with Viola regardless of her depictions. When Orsino learns that Cesario is actually Viola his actions are surprising. Orsino gives no second thought to the fact that he has fallen in love with a woman while she was mantled as a man. Viola crosses the boundary deception in winning on a disguise to make the Duke fall in love with her.Maria and Sir toby fillpot jugs wedding at the end of the play was very surprising. Sir Toby who is a drunk and has a bit of grand blood falls in love With Olivias maid Maria. Sir Toby love for Maria is not b ecause she is beautiful or very dinky but because of her cleverness in handling the hoax on Malvolio I could marry this wench for this device. Act (II, IV, 1208). Sir Toby is willing to cross to boundary of social class by marring Maria who happens to be beneath him in society.In conclusion in Twelfth Night Shakespeares commentary on love and hook is that most times it is transparent, that people have their own agendas for their feelings, whether it be beauty, power, or social advancement. None of these characters actually had the true feeling of love, but all were melodramatic and flailed around like they had found the loves of their lives, their wanting half.The Bait, John Donne Analysis The Passionate Shepherd to His lie with, Marlowe AnalysisThe Bait, John Donne Analysis The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, Marlowe AnalysisIn The Passionate Shepherd to His Love and The Bait the reader finds two separateing images of the world. Marlowe paints the world as a utopian society w ithought any worries or dangers. The sheepman and the buffer he is seeking in his quest have no responsibilities in conduct other than to enjoy life to it fullest. In describing the pleasures which the couple can enjoy in the countryside, Marlowe fails to include the manner in which the ward obtains those pleasures and omits any of the forbid possibilities which may accompany them. The shepherd tells the female that they will sit upon the rocks/And see the shepherds feed their flocks (5/6), but he does not mention the responsibilities associated with owning flocks of sheep and protecting them from danger. The beds of roses (9) that the shepherd offers to his love will, more than likely, contain thorns and will be a rather uncomfortable lay out to lie . To obtain the gown made of the finest woollen (13) is not an easy task for the shepherd because he will need to shear a lamb which involves a great deal of hard work. The shepherds courtship in Marlowes verse form is the imprac tical dream of a lover who wants to satisfy his desire without giving any thought to the responsibilities of life in the real world. Marlowe creates a pretty picture of the world, but it is far from the reality of the world lived in by a shepherd.While Marlowes poesy takes place in an somewhat imaginary world, Donnes verse portrays a more distrustful and realistic image of the world. The characters in Donnes poem live in a world filled with real dangers and the possibility of death. In describing the pleasures used to ask in the lover, Donne includes the negative side of those pleasures. The golden sands, and crystal brooks (3) which are offered may be beautiful, but they do contain silken lines, and silvern hooks(4) which can be deadly. When Donne writes about letting others freeze with angling reeds,/and cut their legs with shells and weeds (17-18), it is clear that other weight are struggling and are in danger of getting harmed in their quest for love. Strangling snare, o r windowy loot( 20) is a further example of the real dangers present for the lean in Donnes personation of the world. The world in this poem is more practical than the world expound in Marlowes poem it gives thought to many of the real dangers in life. Donne creates a picture of the world that is actually close to the reality of a life lead by a slant being lured by drive.The image of romance portrayed in the two poems differs a great deal. Marlowes poem expresses an overly optimistic view of romance. He presents romance as both beautiful and unselfish, and captures the bliss of a natural and undemanding love. The shepherd tells the lady that if she will only, Come live with me and be my Love (1), he will give her delight after delight. He promises that she will be attired in the finest luxuries Fair lined slippers for the cold, With buckles of the purest gold (15/16) and will eat her meals from silver dishes (21). Never, in this poem, does Marlowe acknowledge any of the neg ative aspects that are hidden in his base of romance. He fails to mention that he is not offering her mating nor any suggestion that they will establish a future together. The design of romance presented in this poem is one without any true commission and offers only the pleasures of the moment. Marlowes view of romance captures the joys of a simple and uncomplicated romance that is free of obligation. Romantic love in Donnes poem is expressed as a more cynical experience. Although the first stanzas of the poem represent a romantic world, the remainder of the poem seems to be mocking the existence of such genuine romantic relationships. Donne seems to be exemplification men about the dangers of women and of falling in love. The imagery in Or tr individuallyerously poor fish beset/With strangling snare, or windowy net (19-20) illustrates a mans loss of his mogul to move and be free in his search of romance. It further conveys the idea that perhaps a woman is not as totally mar vellous as man may intend, and that it is the woman who is in control of the romance Each fish, which every channel hath,/Will amorously to thee swim,/Gladder to catch thee, than thou him (10-13). The concept of romanic love portrayed in this poem is one of warning regarding the commitments and dangers that romance can hold. Donnes view of romance clearly captures the difficulties and complications that can be involved in romance. The virtuoso of humor conveyed in these poems is distinctly different. Marlowes poem represents a mood that is carefree and light, and Donnes represents one that is dark and much more serious. In Marlowes poem, the pastoral scene creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The blissful description of romance creates an enchanting feeling that makes the mood of the poem appear magical. The treasures the shepherd offers to his love appeal to the senses and are among the most beautiful and luxurious that nature hills and valleys, dale and field, and al l that craggy mountains yield. (3/4) and man have to offer. The animated and cheerful vision that is created when the shepherd tells the woman that the shepherd swains shall dance and sing (25) if she will accept the gifts he offers conveys a mood that is enjoyable and merry. The happiness and promising mood of Marlowes poem is in direct contrast to the darker and dangerous mood of Donnes poem.In Donnes poem, the mood is dark and the characters exist in an environment that is full of uncertainty and interlace with danger. The pastoral scene of Marlowes poem is replaced with the chaotic world of fish and bait together in the water. His skeptical description of romance creates a sense of caution which fills the poem with a mood of fear and apprehension. As the fish are completely captivated by the woman, they are willing to cop each other in order to gain her love. This willingness to betray each other plants an air of deceit into the mood of the poem. Fear of being captured Gladder to catch thee, than thou him (12) suggests a mood of anxiety in that the man wants to enjoy the bait, but does not want to be snared by it. The possibility of the fish being caught by the bait also introduces the probability of death to the poem and furthers its gloomy mood in that the fish freeze with angling reeds (17) or are unable to move due to the strangling snare, or windowy net (20). The dark mood created in this poem is significantly different from the buttony mood of Marlowes poem. My opinion that Donnes poem is written as a solvent to Marlowes poem is based on the significant differences present in the themes of the poets portrayals of the world, their views of romance, and the moods they set in their poems. Donnes realistic interpretation of the world is in direct contrast to the idealistic world portrayed by Marlowe. In Donnes poem, it is suggested that romance is not all joy and bliss, but is serious and can be perilous. Donnes debauched and dark poem was written i n response to Marlows light and happy poem. These theme differences in the description of the world, the concept of romance, and the mood of the poems lead me to believe that Donnes poem was written as a response to the poem of Marlowe. This makes me feel that future poets will respond to both of theses poems with their own views.

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