Monday, March 25, 2019

Early Sunday Morning :: essays research papers

Early Sunday Morning, is a Dear America book. Its the Pearl Harbor diary of atomic number 79 Billows by Barry Denenberg. This book is about a girl whos father is a newsprint make unnecessaryr. They move almost both month. The reason for this is so he has something to write about. This time they were moving to Hawaii. The family hated moving and so did the dad only if he didnt show how a lot he did. He hid it from his family. When yellow-brown entrap this out she spent the next day at the library knowledge about Hawaii. The night before they left to Hawaii they had a dinner. Amber couldnt believe that her father was having a party the week before they left. either week Amber was hoping that her friend Allison didnt talk to her and she didnt. One night she was in her room reading a book when she looked up and there was Allison at the foot of her bed. Then Amber told her that she was moving to Hawaii. Allison just started to cry and past she said she would never find a bette r friend indeed her. Then Amber started to laugh to cheer her up. She said she would write every week. They could be pen pals. The next day she said good passing play to Washington and aloha to Hawaii. This book is a turn pager because its raise to see what happens to Amber. They have to adapt to the beautiful place they are press release to be in for awhile. They went down to the beach to see the surfers and Ambers little sidekick Andy said that the reason why there werent many surfers is because the sharks ate them. Amber eventually had to go to school. She was so nervous. She thought that she wouldnt have any friends moreover she made one. Mr.Poole asked her if she liked to read and she said very much. He then gave her a booked called The Secret Garden. He told her she liked it as much as he did. After Thanksgiving Amber didnt know if they were passing on a tour of Pearl Harbor with Lieutenant Lockhartbecause he had offered to take them. Andy, her dad, and Amber went on t he tour.Andy was so excited. They got to see the ships on battleship row and after that they went to see the Lieutenants ship called the USS Arizona.

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