Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Teaching Children about Animal Rights Essay -- Personal Narrative, Com

The issue of animal rights is often overlooked in this society, and Ive wanted that to transport for as long as I can remember. My original desire was to start a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at my exalted school, but I was afraid I wouldnt be able to set ahead enough interest and the project would be a flop. For quite a while, I had a very difficult time coming up with another idea, until I started thinking of all the horrible stories of animal unmercifulness that Id heard and read. Teenagers and adults who had neglected, starved, beaten and abused innocent, defenseless creatures. What was the source of all this? obviously these people had never experienced the joy an animal can figure out to your life. Perhaps I could find some children with whom to share that joy. Perhaps I could teach them a little bit about how to care for and celebrate animals as everyone should. I started searching for a church youth aggroup to whom I could talk. I called several churches and got several answering machines. After playing phone tag with voice mail and secretaries for a couple of weeks, I finally got in touch wi... ...y are not the children who need education. Theyre already involved in something that is going to teach them these kinds of lessons - theyre not the neglected, inactive children who set about up to be abusive towards animals and people. That is why Ive decided that my work with children is distant from over. The children who truly need my help cannot be found in a youth group or a Cub Scout pack. How I am going to reach these children, I do not even so know. I am fortunate to have the drive, vision and experience Ive gained so far to help me along the way.

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