Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Parasite Called Man Essay -- essays research papers

Erza Pound secernates that, man is the top-hole animal. Superior or not, we all have the same basic habits. When humans are panicky they seek shelter, when we are hungry we eat, and when is right, we wish to pass on our genes. So how is it that man is so superior when all our instincts and urges are so immemorial? Erza Pound is puzzled by why humans are superior. I think the lonesome(prenominal) reason why humans are superior is because of ignorance. Humans are the only animals that dont come to chemical equilibrium with the environment they live in. If humans had to be compared to a certain graphic symbol of living thing, they would be most like simple parasitic bacteria.The earth, nonetheless large it may be, has it limits when it comes to natural resources. Of all animals human are the only ones that make non-biodegradable waste. When humans run out of resources in one plain they go on to the next destroying the area in their path and until a new site is reached with mor e resources to abuse. This is much like the life memorial of flesh eating bacteria. About two years ago, I saying a special on 20/20 about the disease. They say that is moves at about an inch per hour and that they dont split up feeding on the host until the host is dead. The bacteria multiply at a high rate and can migrate to other separate of the body by the blood stream. Try to look as the host body as the earth, the bacteria as the humans, and the blood stream as the oceans and river now, anyone can see that this is no diffe...

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