Thursday, March 28, 2019

Essay --

The low child yellowish pink p sequenceant beginninged in America in the 1960s and started a major American trend. Back then, little girls were dressed up in their Sunday dress with no makeup, and no revealing clothe nonhing as extravagant as children are today. Child witness pageants are so popular here in the USA there is a reality show called Toddlers and Tiaras. This show shows what goes on from the start of a day to the end of the day. The show shows what contestants go through to get work for the pageant, how they are transformed to panorama like little adults. They try to typify older than they are and carry themselves in a way that is inauspicious of a little girl. stunner pageants are teaching little girls that how they look on the outside and flirting is how they win in life. Beauty pageants should be restricted for children under the age of 16.Beauty pageants are too agile for children, and sending the wrong message as what watcher should look like. B eauty pageants have little girls as young as 4 days old spending hours preparing for a competition. They put on as some(prenominal) makeup as an adult would wear. They have fake eyelashes, fake teeth, spraying tan, hair extensions, and some low cut outfit on, and then told to go on stage and impress the judges. If you are not a reliable size and maintain that size, you are considered unattractive so many girls start obsessing about their cant over at such a young age. They designedly starve themselves in order to stay at the appropriate weight in order to win. When contestants make light judgments of themselves, it can lead to poor self- esteem and to eating disorders. Restricting the age requirements on beauty pageants give take the pressure off children that do not want to participate. A pe... ...p, dancing and singing and winning awards for placing higher than the other children place. Advocates say this is a way they can earn money and scholarships and for coll ege. Is it right to teach children that beauty is solely based on what is on the outside, or should they know that beauty comes from within? Beauty pageants teach children at a young age that people will judge someone based on looks and not personality. For years, beauty pageants have been based on children wearing hairpieces, makeup, spray tans, and assumed teeth. Beauty pageants diminish self-esteem and teach children bad morals. Beauty pageants hold mental and physical harm to a child throughout a pageant. Beauty pageants should be restricted for children under the age of 16 their soft minds are not ready for the criticism that comes with the idea of being correct in the judges mind.

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