Monday, March 25, 2019

Themes of To His Coy MIstress by Andrew Marvell :: essays research papers

Response To His Coy MistressTo His Coy Mistress is an argument verse form about a man arduous to persuade his shy whore to give into his physical desires. He starts off by saying that if he had totally the money and cartridge holder in the world he would pass off it all on dating and impressing her. As the verse progresses, he becomes to a greater extent and more urgent and forceful with his words. The man begins to tell her that she will be old and ?dusty? soon so she should just give into him at that moment. He essentially tells her now or never. However, the larger idea of the poesy is not about having sex before you get old, it is about grasping the moment and not taking time for granted. At the beginning of the poem the man tries to persuade her by explaining to her that, if he could, he would devote all of his time to her. He tells her he will clear ?thirty cubic yard? years adoring her body, because that is the state she deserves. He also tells her that they could flirt all over a vast area, from the Indian?s Ganges to England?s suffer Humber. Space and time are exaggerated in an attempt to impress and persuade her into his selfish desires. The speaker is not really going to spend any time with her, he is solely driven by his libidinous desires and has no intention of staying with her. He begins by saying he will wait for her, exactly the following lines prove otherwise. He makes it clear that he always hears a ?winged chariot hurrying near? and that in a few years she will no longer be beautiful. With the lines, ?The grave?s a fine and private place, but none, I think, do there embrace? he brings up the idea that if they do not act on their cognize, she might die without any love at all. Although the author is without a doubt talking about sex, the discipline of the poem is really to seize the moment and not take time for granted. The author keeps a lot of emphasis on death and the grave. He is trying to tell her that she will not hav e eternity to odour as youthful and beautiful as she does now, so she should value her looks firearm she still has them. By talking about the worms in her grave, he is trying to say that her virginity and beauty will do her no good there, but in this present day and time she can get any(prenominal) use out of them.

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