Saturday, March 16, 2019

Essay --

Money sternt buy happiness. Or can it? In the modern society that we live in nowadays, the theory of consumerism and a persons happiness, or quality of sustenance, are inseparable, especially in Canada. So much that consumerism seems to be dominating every aspect of our Canadian lifestyle, even the aspects that werent by the slightest amount affected by the expression of consumers ten courses ago. Consumerism is a theory that greatly contributes to the enriched quality of life that Canadians enjoy. This economic theory allows for consumer behaviour to be central to economic decision-making, high employment rates to be established, and to initiate a significant affix in globalization.Consumerism is defined as linking prosperity to consumer demand and making consumer behavior central to economic decision-making. This means that we, as consumers, have the ability to find out the quality of life, citizenship, and identity of ourselves and the people around us. Based on our value and beliefs round our identity, health and safety, employment, the environment, and product marketing, we can have our say closely a certain product by influencing the demand of it. This can be accomplished by deciding whether or not we want to acquire that product. However, the degree of influence can by greatly augmented by use of boycotts, when a group of consumers choose not to buy or use a product or service to bring about change. We can use this strategy to substantially draw the attention of the targeted telephoner and push them to consider the demand of us consumers and change their actions accordingly. For example, in the year of 2007, the Animal Rights Group initiated a boycott towards several cosmetic companies to distributor point the testing of cosmetics on animals... ...e goods that are shipped out of our ports to countries all around the world. The interrelation of consumerism and globalization helps to create a global bond that most Canadians would be distress ed to live without. Consumerism has proven to be central to immediatelys society and economy. Its promotion of consumers interests allows us, as consumers, to manipulate different aspects of the worlds businesses and markets. The chain effect of consumerism is a big factor in maintaining Canadas employment rate, and increasing each persons financial status. globalisation and its connection with consumerism works to bond people of all different origins, and interpenetrate the worlds markets. Consumerism proves to be a major component of todays society, enhancing quality of life for Canadians. It could even be thought of as a culture that we all live upon, that links us together.

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