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How does fitzgerald tell the story in chapter

How does Fitzgerald tell the taradiddle in chapter 1 of The not bad(p) Gatsby? Fitzgerald opens the graduation chapter introducing us to break off Carroway, who is clearly of first person taradiddle and he is singing the story from the future. By telling the story as though it has already occurred, Fitzgerald has created the Illusion that his maln character has already experienced the events that argon unfolding. This ensures that Nick is a retrospective narrator throughout the book except in addition obviously a bias story teller.Fitzgerald makes it do itn that Nick has already met all the characters and go throughs hem and their story, he openly has his own in-person articulatements and opinions of them, alike do It clear he is going to be a bias narrator, giving out in complete and unitary-sided information to the reader. The chapter as well tells us about Nicks life in New York when he lived in 1922 and his life in West Egg. Fitzgeralds purpose of chapter one is mainly to go in the characters of the book and to drop hints and revelations for the events in the rest of the book, such as suggesting themes of shed light on and characterisation of Gatsby.The chapter also presents us the relationship etween Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Furthermore, the housing is deep described by Fitzgerald, A sunken Italian garden, a half-acre of deep, briery roses, and a snub- nosed motor boat that bumped the tide offshore. This presents an ikon of wealth and the strong themes of money linked with social class referable to the immense description of the expansive home Tom and Daisy took for granted. The authors description of the houses shows the difference clearly between Nicks home which hed Rented In one of the strangest communities, Inexpensive In comparison toTom and Daisys house which was a representation of old money. This is again also shown in chapter one with Gatsbys home which Nick had described as a mansion, Implying that his house Is huge and co uld possibly link to Gatsbys personality from what we know of him. This shows that Gatsby has new wealth and that he simply bought his mansion to plump his classify personality and ego. Fitzgerald still telling the story from Nicks point of view, makes the audience sensitive that Nick is new into this lifestyle, and that he is not particularly wealthy deep down his own devices.However I approximate Its clear from the start that Nick entrust give birth to transform his personality also In order to fit in with everyone else and his friends. This is due to the fact that when Nick leaves the Buchannans house, he is disturbed and a little disgusted. This is aimed at the attitude Daisy has towards Toms evident promiscuity and blatant function he has going on with a girl from New York as Daisy is aware and doesnt show any sign of caring that her husband Is having an routine as she Is not making any effort to stop it.Hes confused as to why Daisy doesnt simply leave Tom and find mortal else, but as I said he has yet to countersink to the mind-set of the rich and foolish upper- class. This Is done well by Fitzgerald however, as It gives Nicka sense of lower status In comparison to his friends in that forward he becomes Involved them he must first adjust his personality. non only does this work on a human level, but it also reveals more about Nicks character as he explained how genuine and non-judgemental he completely fake in front of these friends he has made.This trick clear and theme of people being fake. The author starts off the story in chapter one, whistleing to the reader through Nick, Whenever you feel like criticizing any one ust remember that all the people in this world havent had the advantages that youve had. This is the first lineament of Fitzgerald pointing towards the reader and asking them to look at themselves. This is because of the fact that we all Judge our friends, our familVHow does Fitzgerald tell the story in chapter 1 of The Great GatsbV? , and other members f community in our mind, but we do not all have the courage to come out and say it. Nick does not talk of his opinions as far as I know from chapter one to his friends, the story tells us all his accurate Judgements of the other characters. However I dont find we can trust his completely as he is bias. I think Fitzgerald has purposely done that to leave a mystery of Nick from what I can tell from chapter one alone, but also Nick can be considered reliable as he speaks his opinions to the readers and doesnt hold back whats on his mind.Nick is portrayed to us as an honest guy in the first hapter, however I think he is of the theme fake a he is being nice to the people he has met so far contempt the Judgements he has formed of them. So he gets along with everyone in humanity but Judges them in private which is only revealed to us readers. I think that Nick is a very real and genuine character, and that Fitzgerald has created an accurate depictio n of the average American man. He isnt innate(p) to old money, and isnt born in to new money, hes Just born into a normal family, making his own judgements.Even though Nick can be considered a privy hypocrite. And even though he claims to be appalled and disgusted by the ways of the rich and upper- classes due to the cheating that goes on, on Toms behalf, it fascinates him, and he wants to know more. I think that this is where Fitzgerald has made us somewhat like Nick as he is Just a normal person trying to change to fit in with his surroundings and peers. So I think that Fitzgerald is telling us the story in chapter one through Nick as us readers can relate to him being a regular person, so in some ways we live the story and there is a part of Nick in all of us.

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